About Us - Desk in a Box

The Desk in a Box company was created in 2017 to provide stackable, all-purpose desks to offices, homes and schools. Here’s everything you need to know about us.

Desk in a Box: Who we are


Desk in a Box (DIAB) specialises in all-purpose desks and was created in 2017 to provide homes, schools and business with a durable products that’s easy to assemble –  it takes just 10 minutes.


The unique modular design of Desk in a Box has been patented both locally and internationally. What makes it unique is that you can stack the Desk in a Box once assembled, which saves you space, and can just as easily be knocked down for easy travel.


Our Desk in a Box furniture is made from virgin plastics and high-grade aluminium. The result is an affordable product that is corrosion, scratch, weld cracking and water damage resistant – making it the perfect solution for use as a school desk, office desk or workbench at home.  

Why Desk in a Box?


The traditional school desk has changed very little over the past few decades. Traditionally, most desks were constructed of wood or MDF (medium density fibreboard) and powder-coated steel frames. Now, to cater to the increased demand for knock down furniture that’s easy to transport and assemble, we have created Desk in Box.

Knock down furniture trends


Knock-down furniture has been around for quite some time. Companies like IKEA of Sweden have become synonymous with flat pack furniture catering for the entire needs of a complete household. The trend has become more and more popular especially over the past few years. Desk in a Box realises this and, as such, offers the perfect answer for knock down desks in South Africa

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